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I paint and photograph photography in a strange way, I like to go to museums and bad music.
I love high, beautiful and funny (and who does not like them?), It's good if you are a bore, you have long hair and no complaints.
I live with travels, passionate emotions, strong sincere feelings.
Tends to self-destruction, self-interest and self-admiration.

I dissolve in my work, I lead a bunch of projects and passionately want to see a girl-muse next to me who will inspire me for great beautiful bright goals.
And with which you can visit distant countries, mysterious cities and densely populated megacities.

It can not be otherwise - this guy is cool
with leather muzzle midnight cowboy.

I'm not looking for a single-time poibushes, neither long with prospects, just a catastrophic lack of fun and interesting in my life. I'm looking for a girl younger than me for a permanent relationship, strictly without children, not strictly smoking, not rsp, not smoking. I do not need an intimate photo, I did not want this and never saw it, but you do not sit with cats all your life. In the swamp, if I'm not needed. I take no offence. I do not need the pathology of deviation and decency. I'm sick of such patients. I'm simple.
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